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What are our services?

We chose the best times for you

You can book your class after returning from school, on holidays, in the evening, in the morning ... You are the only person who knows your favorite study times

All subjects are available

We try to offer lessons in all subjects and at all school levels

High quality for sure

Teachers on our platform are subject to high recruitment standards, followed by continuous and fruitful coaching

Live Interaction

Through the smart board system and the virtual classroom, you can get a teaching service as if the teacher is with you in the same room.


We are keen to hire highly ethical and responsible teachers to ensure a safe experience for the students

Affordable Prices

We are keen to ensure that the teacher sets prices within the financial capacity of all students, and the price policy is in line with the satisfaction of students and their parents

Group and individual lessons

The student can choose to study alone or in a group, and this is what makes his education fruitful according to his preferences and abilities

Continous Academic Improvement

To guarantee the academic excellence of our students we provide creative ways to evaluate then enhance students learning on a continuous basis. Our main objective is to ensure a positive change in students education.

How it works?


Choose your teacher

You can browse the search engine to choose your preferred teacher according to: level, subject, time, price and other selection settings


Book your class

You can do that based on your suitable settings, and after reviewing the profile of each tutor, and choosing the most suitable one for you


Confirm payment

Emahara team makes sure that the payment is done then sends you the link to the class


Start your class

When it is time for your class, click on the link and you will immediately be ready to learn online with high-quality live video and a virtual whiteboard.

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